Engaging the Mind with the Body


Aki Arai (Director)

Aki Arai graduated from Hunter City College of New York with a Bachelor’s degree in Dance. When she was in college, she started Pilates training for her own rehabilitation when she suffered a knee injury. She discovered the benefits of Pilates and became certified in Pilates through Kane School of Core Integration in New York. She worked at Movement Afoot studio in New York then, in 2003, she came back to Japan and started working at Pilates Movement Space in Tokyo. In November 2007, she opened her own studio, Pilates Balance Works in Otsuka. She emphasizes a healthy life through a healthy body and mind … emphasizing Pilates as well as a healthy diet.

Publishing: Easy Pilates with DVD” (Seibido)
“Pilates with Balanced Ball” (Seibido )
Supervise: NHK Broadcasting station, Education Program
“Karada de Asobo” (play with movement)
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A Key Of Happiness

Nanako Ueda

Nanako Ueda moved to New York City when she was nineteen. She studied Dance and at the same time practiced Pilates. She also choreographed her own performance at the Dance festival in New York. She is a former dancer with Nina Buisson Contemporary Move. In 2002, she was certified in Pilates through the Physical Mind Institute in New York and started teaching Pilates at Movement Afoot studio, Indigo, and MonQi Fitness. When she moved back to Japan in 2007, she started working with Aki Arai at Pilates Balance Works. She is currently very active as a dancer, a choreographer, and as a model. She was invited to perform by Dance Festival in Korea in 2010. Her perspective is that feeling well is for everybody.

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