Engaging the Mind with the Body


Pilates is a way of life. Much more than just an exercise method, it connects and develops the mind, body and spirit.

The Pilates Method

The Pilates method of exercise was started by Joseph Hubertus Pilates, who was born in Germany in 1880. He went to England in 1912. There he taught self-defense to detectives at Scotland Yard. When World War I began, he was interned as an “enemy alien” with other Germans. During his internment he trained other prisoners in his exercise methods and adapted his techniques to help bedridden prisoners. He combined his knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics with yoga, martial arts, and boxing. He experimented to reform hospital beds and trained injured soldiers.

In 1926, he migrated to the United States and opened his own studio in New York City. His many clients included ballet dancers and athletes. Now, all over the world, there are many Pilates studios and Pilates has become important for not only professional dancers and athletes, but anyone pursuing a unified approach to fitness.

Benefits of Pilates

Improve your posture and balance

In daily life, our bodies are significantly influenced by stress and habits of bad posture. We experience stiffness in our shoulders and neck or chronic low back pain. Sometimes we don’t realize just how tense our bodies are. Pilates gives us the opportunity to reeducate the entire body to counteract these negative influences

The Pilates method focuses on the pelvis, which is the keystone connecting the upper body (spine) and lower body (legs and feet). All movements originate from inside out, so deep muscles in the pelvis (inner muscles) can stabilize and support your spine and your entire body.
Using Pilates, you can reduce extra tension, and become aware of your inner muscles. This leads to a well-balanced and conditioned body.

A refreshing mind and body workout

Pilates is the whole body workout using imagery to help you understand how you move each muscle. The exercises are varied to keep your mind stimulated and your body challenged.
You learn efficient patterns of motion increasing your energy and helping you be better in tune with your body as you practice regularly.

We support your high quality of life with Pilates.