Engaging the Mind with the Body


Who can do Pilates? I am not so active, can I still do Pilates?

At Pilates Balance Works, our clients are men and women who range in age from teenager to seniors and who vary widely in their health and fitness levels. Pilates can be modified easily for anyone.

How often should I take sessions?

“In ten sessions, you will feel the difference, in twenty, you will see the difference, and in thirty, you will have a new body” (Joseph Pilates). Your body is different from every other body. You can experience new patterns of motion, and feel new sensations. You realize the difference not only physically but also mentally after each session. We recommend regular sessions.

What do I do during a one-hour session?

Each Pilates session is personally programmed. At Pilates Balance Works, our trainers help you pay attention to alignment, centering, and muscle?firing patterns. Based on your feeling and mood, we make a program for you using Pilates apparatus, and tools such as the balance ball, Thera-band, and foam roller. Regular Pilates practice results in improved posture and flexibility, strength and awareness, greater physical confidence, energy and balance of life.